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Chocolate, Candy & BakingIngredients

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Cookies, Crackers & Snacks

Our extensive inventory of specially-priced snack foods includes branded cookies and crackers from across Canada and around the globe.

Savor The Flavours.... Love the Prices! 

​Factory Outlet Store

551 Parkside Dr

Waterloo On, N2L 5E7

Come to our purified water centre to get the best tasting water anywhere.  We also have an assortment of quality giftware items at great prices!

Monday      9:00 Am 6:00 pm
Tuesday     9:00 Am 6:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 Am 6:00 pm
Thursday    9:00 Am 8:00 pm
Friday        9:00 Am 8:00 pm
Saturday    9:00 Am 6:00 pm
Sunday    11:00 Am 5:00 pm

Chocolate items include the popular chocolate bar brands plus gourmet chocolate. We always have a wide selection of quality candy and ingredients.